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After years of working as DJ Bookers we finally decided to come up with
What started in 1997 as one of our projects and grew over the years should now be made more precise and specific.

Deejays, who are on the roads every weekend, know for sure what's going on in the clubs and this is one of our main advantages. We aware the trouble during the transaction of a DJ booking and we always decided against this customs.

Intensive contact between event organizer, club owner, booker and DJ seems to be the most important aspect for us to act like us want us to.

A Booking had to be fair for everyone!
It should be handled in a serious, reliable, understandable and relaxed way.

Thru a respective communication network an eMail, telefax or a request by phone does not take days until it is answered. by this we are able to fulfil spontaneous and urgent request within 24hrs.


We truly know what a DJ is able to do and what he has to be able to do. That is why we made it our business to offer just accurate fitting deejays for your location or event. Artists who want to go their own way in an arrogant manner are not supported by us even if they are well known and famous for their doings. On the contrary we are willing to backup and promote newcomers.

we are:
We are creative, extraordinary and overall an above-average working team. We want to be your assistant in all kinds of questions around deejay booking and event management.

We offer worldwide contacts in relation with flights, hotel reservation, hire cars and much more.
Marketing and promotion for your event is another thing.

We are looking forward to meet and help you.

Your Agents Team,

Markus, Marion, Sven & Steffi | international dj booking + management | +49 171 148 70 50 | click 2 eMail