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Brave New World | basic ideas


Warum genau Brave New World? Was waren Huxleys Ideen? Welche Ideen finden sich inhaltlich in BNW?

basic ideas of Brave New World

» genetic engineering » behavioral engineering » keeping people happy
» conditioning
function: » manipulating » soma
» attribution to different castes » no literature
  » sharing the same values » entertainment
no reflection, no critical thinking

Social implications in the novel Brave New World

Identity Community Stability leisure activities
genetic and behavioral engeneering achieves idential people in every strata of the BNW society
These people lack individuality
due to behavioral engeneering there is a feeling od experiencing the same things stressed by
• sharing the same values
• being confronted by the same set of cultural activities
a social system which is no way questioned by the people as long as they are happy
• no rebellion
• complete planning for all processes in the future
• a stabil class system
• community singeries
• drugs - soma
• feelies (films)
• consumption of transport in order to enjoy country sports
• free sex

pleasure entertainment
distraction from critical thoughts which have been excluded

Castes and Colours

status colour  
Alphas grey  
Betas mulberry  
Gammas green  
Deltas khaki The world of the Deltas / Epsilons
» conditioned to do the hard work
= drones = Bee's worker (don't think just work)
» no education, books, knowledge
» death-conditioned, no feelings
» unconscious of their lifestyles
» restricted to their class and its rules
» no chance of improving their state
» addicted to soma to survive
» a happy mass without questions
» needs, wishes and hopes
Epsilons black
The people in BNW are differented in castes as well as each caste has an own colour. Colours differences people like car systems in Ford times.
The minuses and pluses are just their ranks within their own caste. Like, you could have two Alphas. They are both in the hightest caste. However, one can be an Alpha plus and therefore rank higher than the Alpha minus. All the castes have pluses and minuses.

Spare time / leisure activities

The spare time activities have to be distinguished between the Alpha and Beta as well as the lower classes. The upper classes spent their spare time with playing golf at special golf courses which are only used by them. They also do cultural things like going in a cinema or a musical. Especially the Alpha class has a spare time activity called "Solidarity Service". They meet each other in a group of 12, take Soma and fall in trance after that as a cause of the Soma sonsume. After that, they have an orgy. The lower classes play games or do sports in their spare time but they have to use public transport to get to their playgrounds.
The lower classes are conditioned to love sports, because of economical reasons. The sports are so created that they need equipment and public transport to do sports.


(...) The idea was to make them want to be going out into the country at every available opportunity, and so compel (to force/zwingen) them to consume transport (Ford stands for the mobility). (...)
taken from Chapter 2 of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

Nature in BNW

Nature in BNW has to be distinguished between positive and negative elements. The nature itself can be regarded as positive. It's very warm, there are rocks, water and some old buildings. There are no roads etc. only narrow ways to walk on. In the BNW are no animals and in the reservation are wild living animals. But there are also dead animals and bones laying on the ground. The air is not crowed with helicopters like in BNW and the villages / towns are dirty.

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