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Beatronik - Diskotekno (Peak Hour Music)
Beatronik - Get on the floor
Beatronik - Time Up
Beatronik - Rocked
Beatronik - Surfing Leads
Beatronik - Dynamic Dog

Tony Thomas - Roots
Manolow & Cyberx - Relax your body
Benjamin Vial - The Eraser
Projekt Inertia - Lemonade

specials events:

Club in London [UK]
Club Xpeditionl in São Paulo[Brasi]
Pacho Club on Ibiza [Spain]
and many more ...

in Germany:
and many more ...

A DJ from Uriguay who is also a tv show at the same time.
DER AGENT proudly presents BEATRONIK.

Beatronik rocks South and Central America for a long time and in European countries like UK and Spain as well.

Beatronik produced and remixed for the following record labels world-wide:
Baroque Records, Peak Hour Music , Rapid Response Records, Solid Fabric Recordings, Miniatures Recordings, Erase Records, Shiva Records, Progress Records, Sensual Recordings, Telepathy Records, Cubic Recordings, Synergy Recordings, Rebel Records, SAS Records, DLA Records, New Era Recordings, Technical Deejays Records, Quimika Records, Moxi Records, Semantica Records, Pild Records, Minimo Recordings, Clubstar Records

He's one of these DJs who makes it intersting to watch a DJ set and keeps the audience enthuse.
When did you see a TV show which spins vinyl?

Find out and book an eye-catching headliner for your next event.

Videos of his performances, below:

Beatronik at Club Xpedition in São Paulo, Brasil:

Beatronik live at Open Park: | international dj booking + management | +49 171 148 70 50 | click 2 eMail