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DJ Ghost - Hey you
Armani & Ghost - Funk that
Armani & Ghost - Airport
Armani & Ghost - Hard One
The Moon - Under Attack
The Moon - Shake it
The Moon - In your mind
The Moon - Sushi
The Moon - Blow up the speakers
DJ Ghost - Push the Techno
DJ Ghost - Is this techno?
DJ Ghost - Immer und ewig
Ghost & Neigel Reiss - Fear or Loathing
Cherr yMoon Trax - Welcome to my house
Cherry Moon Trax - Masters of House/MH
Cherry Moon Trax - Gatecrasher
Cherry Moon Trax - The Club. The People, ...
Cherry Moon Trax - Needle Destruction
The Body - Shock
The Body feat. Danny C. - Las Vossas
DJ Phillip Francios - Hit
Freddy Lipstick - Pay for love
T.B.-Express - When I was a sperm
Dream System Vol. 1 - Dream Factory
Body Shock - Rain in the city
Body Shock - Ghosts in the church
Body Shock - Body-Snatchers
Body Shock - Sleepless/Full Moon
Medicine Men - Trainspotter
Medicine Men - Imodium

Coming soon ...

Cherry Moon in Lokeren [Belgium]
H2O Club in Pecq [Belgium]
and many more ...

in Germany:
Le Chapitau in Oschersleben
Mayday in Dortmund

and many more ...

Belgian born Bjorn Wendelen (born on 16/07/'76) , aka DJ Ghost, has been the driving-force behind several very succesful recent projects, such as Armani & Ghost (together with Chicago superstar Robert Armani), The Moon (which he co-produced with Patrick Bruyndonx and Danny Van Wauwe, best known from their hit-singles " Blow Up The Speaker "," Sushi " and "Shake It") and Cherry Moon Trax (which he produces with Star Fighter).
His efforts and musical talents have not gone unnoticed by the likes of Pete Tong and Timo Maas, who have both added several of DJ Ghost's productions to their playlists (eg. " Body-Shock").
Apart from being resident Dj in one of Belgium's most famous clubs, the Cherry Moon in Lokeren, DJ Ghost has often been asked to grace remote venues with his guest performances.
He is, for instance, one of the few Belgian DJ's to have played in " Down Town " Chicago or in " Webster Hall " in New York and headlined alongside big international names at venues such as 'I Love Techno'.When asked about the style of music he plays, DJ Ghost refers to the nature of his sets as " acceptable techno " or simply " good music ".
If anything, his preference for " good music " has been apparent since day one and became his trade mark ever since he started DJ'ing at local radio station Rave FM in 1994.
From there on, he became resident DJ in The Qu, a renowned club in the North of Antwerp.
The leap to other clubs, such as Planet Hardcore and Extreme, was soon made and it was precisely DJ Ghost's choice in (good) music that kept up to 2,000 faithful ravers coming back every weekend for more.
DJ Ghost is working on the international breakthrough of " the Moon " and " Cherrymoon Trax ", his co-production with Robert Armani is sure to be yet another " Hard One ". | international dj booking + management | +49 171 148 70 50 | click 2 eMail